Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Multnomah Falls

I just LOVE, LOVE, LOVE having a digital camera because I take a LOT of photos!  One time, about 25 years ago, Jolene and I were on a trip with my Mom and Dad.  We had flown into Portland, Oregon, and were driving along the Columbia River Gorge on our way to visit Aunt Joan in Kennewick, Washington.  Have you ever been there?  Oh, it's soooooo gorgeous!!! Especially Multnomah Falls.  Samuel Lancaster once wrote of Multnomah Falls that, "The setting is ideal. It is pleasing to look upon; and in every mood, it charms like magic, it woos like an ardent lover; it refreshes the soul; and invites to loftier, purer things."
Multnomah Falls is the 2nd highest year-round waterfall in the United States at 620 feet.

I was enthralled with how beautiful it was around every curve with breathtaking views of Mt. Hood & Mt. Adams in the Cascade Mountain Range, the windsurfers on the river that runs through the 4,000 ft. deep canyon, the Bonneville Dam (I was scared to death on the tour!), unique little towns like White Salmon, deep dark oak forests and lush rain forests, and dazzling waterfalls.  The gorge is known for having one of the largest concentrations of waterfalls in the world and I wanted a photo of every one of them! Fortunately, it took me no time at all to train my Dad.  As soon as I would say "ooh-ooh-ooh," he would hit the brakes and pull off so I could take more photos!  He still tells everyone, "We got 10 miles to the roll of film!"  Ha ha!!!  I remember it cost me a fortune to buy all of that film and to have the photos developed!  That's why I love my digital camera so much, I can take as many photos as I want and not worry about the cost.
This morning I made my very first scrapbook page in MDS!
Almost everyone takes photos with digital cameras now, and "My Digital Studio" (MDS) makes it so easy to do scrapbook layouts!  The above page was my first attempt ever at a MDS scrapbook page!!!  It took me about 30 minutes this morning to make it.  Here are the steps: 
  • New Project: Photo Books & Individual Pages: 12" x 12" Square: Designer
  • Travel Log - 12" x 12" Page Designer Template  (Included in MDS2)
  • Choose "Insert Photos Individually"
  • Name your project & you are ready to begin!
  • Double click on the photo boxes to choose the photos from your hard drive.
  • Double click on the text box at the bottom to add text.  I used the "handles" to make the box larger.  I added a text box to the Travel Log.
  • I deleted a couple of the elements that I didn't want to use and moved things around.  
  • It was really EASY!!!
Digital scrapbooking is easy & so much fun!
But that's not all you can do with MDS!  Of course you can make cards,too, but what else?  With this week's new digital releases you can print out emoti-cons onto iron-on transfers and make your own Emoti-costume t-shirt.  Print out the "Last Minute Masks", leave them plain or embellish like crazy, then add a ribbon to tie around your head for a cool Halloween mask.  The digital downloads can be used with any design software you may already have, but I encourage you to try the 30-Day FREE trial of MDS2, you will love how easy it is to use!!!  

LEARN MORE about the new features and options in MDS2 HERE!
Videos that are available range from "Getting to know MDS" to "Step-by-Step Projects"

Thanks so much for visiting me today!  I hope you are inspired to make a scrapbook page of your travels, a Halloween t-shirt or a Halloween mask!  

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  1. how cool is that scrapbook page. the other great thing about digital is that it won't burn up if your house catches fire! Love the story! Thanks for sharing

    1. Thanks Anne! I was soooo excited with how it turned out since it was my first one! One of the things I found that I liked most was that when I didn't like something I could change it without wasting paper!!! I knew you would love the story!

      Peace, Love & Joy,

  2. Love this scrapbook page! We'll have to talk about My Digital Studio the next time I'm there - I have thousands of digital pictures that aren't doing me any good just sitting in my computer. Thanks for being such an inspiration!

    1. Hi Linda,

      It'll be so much fun to show you the MDS when you are down the next time. I've had the program for a while and hadn't really done much with it besides use it to print out Designer Series Paper and words to use on my cards. I was too intimidated by the software, but once I got started I was so surprised at how easy it was to use!!! I'm so glad you feel inspired. That makes me so happy!!!

      Peace, Love & Joy,


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